Business Areas
Our Relationship with local Homebuilders

Our retail sales division located at our headquarter offers the complete range of materials needed for homebuilding. Products include not only any kind of structural and non-structural lumber, but also other building materials including supplies for interior and exterior, and plumbing/fixtures and sashes. Remarkably, the aluminum sashes we offer are custom made and assembled at our own factory.

In 1996, we decided to set up our own precut plant in order to offer the full range of services (including the further-processing) to our customers engaged in the building of traditional post and beam houses. The production capacity of our plant is 6600m2 of floor space per month, which is equivalent to about 50 houses. Rather than focusing on mass production, we would like to serve our local customers in Nagano, Hachioji and Sagamihara areas with outstanding quality and excellent service.

To make sure that the work is done according to the wishes of our customers, face-to-face discussions start even before the first drawings are made. Furthermore, on the production side, our skilled carpenters oversee the whole process of manufacturing and work by hand what cannot be done by machines to add the finishing touches to the unique designs and the carved notches of traditional architecture.

Douglas Fir beams for traditional Japanese houses at our precut mill

Our delivery system combining both precut components and building materials is also a key element of our service. Our motto of “ordered that day, delivered that day” is central to our operations and is ensured by a full array of stocked products, a fleet of delivery vehicles and our competent staff.

From design drawings to manufacturing to delivery, our face-to-face service to the customer requires our total performance. And this commitment has given durability and continuity to our business.

European and North American Lumber

In addition to the precut plant focusing on the traditional post and beam housing sector, we made a strategic capital investment of a prefab house component factory in 2002. At this factory we produce wooden parts for prominent prefab house makers along with parts for traditional houses. In order to provide high quality finished size products to our customers, we directly import whitewood and redwood rough lumber from selected Scandinavian suppliers. Currently, our total import volume is about 150 containers per month on an average.

Another regular commodity that we purchase directly from a major Canadian supplier is SPF dimension lumber. We have integrated a supply chain from Vancouver to our distribution center in Japan which allows us to make exact “just in time” deliveries to our customer, a major 2x4 house maker, on a daily base. This supply system is just one example of how our staff can establish custom made business solutions creating significant value for our customers.

As with our customers, our domestic and overseas suppliers are equally important to us and we want to show a strong commitment to them. It is our aim to establish a trustful and long-term partnership for mutual benefits.

Finished size products at our house component factory's warehouse

Our Heritage in North American Log Business

The major species of logs that we import are Alaskan Sitka Spruce and Douglas Fir from the west coast of USA and Canada. From the wooden fiber cement board manufacturer to sawmills all over the country from Hokkaido in the North to the Main Island and to Kyushu in the South, we make long-term commitments to our customers and supply all their needs.

Another one of our historical specialties is in the field of custom cuts. We buy Canadian Yellow Cedar logs and cut them in Vancouver according to customer specifications, for example grand sills, laminas, cants and clear boards. Currently, our annual sales volume is about 15,000M3 and we are proud of having a reputation for high quality products among our customers all over the country. Also, we have firmly established a customer base for structural lumber made from Hemlock and Douglas Fir both in custom cut and sawn lumber.

Yellow cedar logs ready for our custom cut at Vancouver harbour

Laminated Products from Russia

Russian gluelam products have also been one of our key sales items of our marketing program. We import a large volume of laminated posts to ports on the Japanese Sea side and distribute them to retail shops and precut factories in that sales territory.

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