Company History
2007 Start up of our “A German branch office”
2006 Start up of our “Saitama air-conditioning system Division”
2002 Set up of our prefab house component factory
1998 Start up of our “Lumber Department 3” in Shinkiba/Tokyo
1997 Start up of our “Sagamihara Branch Office”
1996 Set up of our precut plant
1995 Inauguration of our new head office
1993 Achieved a sales amount of over 10 billion Yen for the first time
1992 New company representatives by 100 years anniversary :
President : Toru Tsuzuki
Vice President : Hiroaki Tsuzuki
1976 Start up of our new “Tokyo Branch Office” in Shinkiba/Tokyo
1970 Start up of a building material sales company
1965 Start up of our “Hachioji Branch Office”
1960 Set up of a new sawmill at the Head Office site
1959 Incorporation of “Tsuzuki Mokuzai”
1957 Established “Tokyo Branch Office” at Fuyuki-cho, Fukagawa
1937 Building of a sawmill in Ina City
1926 Foundation of Tsuzuki Mokuzai store in Kami-Ina, Nagano Prefecture
1890 Company foundation at Shimo-Ina, Nagano Prefecture

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