Company History
2018 Start up of our “A Latvia branch office”
2011 Start up of our “A Vancoaver branch office”
2007 Start up of our “A German branch office”
2006 Start up of our “Saitama air-conditioning system Division”
2002 Set up of our prefab house component factory
1998 Start up of our “Lumber Department 3” in Shinkiba/Tokyo
1997 Start up of our “Sagamihara Branch Office”
1996 Set up of our precut plant
1995 Inauguration of our new head office
1993 Achieved a sales amount of over 10 billion Yen for the first time
1992 New company representatives by 100 years anniversary :
President : Toru Tsuzuki
Vice President : Hiroaki Tsuzuki
1976 Start up of our new “Tokyo Branch Office” in Shinkiba/Tokyo
1970 Start up of a building material sales company
1965 Start up of our “Hachioji Branch Office”
1960 Set up of a new sawmill at the Head Office site
1959 Incorporation of “Tsuzuki Mokuzai”
1957 Established “Tokyo Branch Office” at Fuyuki-cho, Fukagawa
1937 Building of a sawmill in Ina City
1926 Foundation of Tsuzuki Mokuzai store in Kami-Ina, Nagano Prefecture
1890 Company foundation at Shimo-Ina, Nagano Prefecture

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