Our Philosophy

Our corporate Culture - Respecting the old and welcoming the new

1993 was a turning point for our company marking the end of the 50-year stage in which our predecessor, Nobuo Tsuzuki, launched a lumber and log trade business (in addition to the existing sawmill business) and succeeded in setting up branch offices in the metropolitan area of Tokyo.

It has been over 10 years since our new management structure - around the same time our new head office was completed - was implemented. At that time we also created a new company outline and started to add talented human resources from the outside striving to create a rich and vibrant working environment for subsequent generations.

Today our company serves a wide range of customers all across Japan and is recognized as a major player with an excellent reputation in log and lumber business. However, there are few people, even among our own employees, who know the Tsuzuki Corporation of the old days.

Even as business areas and business size as a whole have greatly increased within the last five decades, we aim to maintain the traditional, age-old corporate personality that has been instilled by 5 generations in a period of more than 100 years.

Toru Tsuzuki, Chairman

If culture is defined as “the values shared by one group”, then what would be the corporate culture of Tsuzuki Corporation?
We believe that we are “a group of people that wants to understand and care about the concerns and feelings of others”.

Furthermore, in a world awash with excessive commodities and in the midst of confusion that accompanies mass consumption, simple as it may be, we would like to embrace a solid and down-to-earth work ethic throughout the coming years. We feel proud, happy and honored to do even a small part in providing “homes” that people want and need – now and in future.

It would not be an understatement to say that compared to other industries, our business does not come much into the limelight of public attention. In our company, however, there are a number of outstanding specialists with expert abilities in their fields. We take pride that over a century of history of Tsuzuki Corporation has created such a profound knowledge and corporate culture.

Striving for harmony between what traditions to keep and what changes to make, we will continue to respond to changing times and to further strengthen our corporate culture.

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